School-based Telehealth Programs help keep students healthy and in the classroom.
BLACKSHEAR, Ga., Sept. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- What makes a school-based telehealth program successful? This is perhaps one of the most asked questions regarding school-based telehealth programming. Many argue that success depends on a champion medical partner, a dedicated school nurse, strong school administrative support, funding, or parent buy-in. But the truth is that success comes from a combination of all these components, plus some! There is never an easy answer to telehealth success in schools. Success demands a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional process for each school system.

School-based telehealth programs require champions at every level who demonstrate the resolve and dedication to look beyond the ordinary to ensure success. It requires streamlined processes and top-to-bottom support. Success requires a constant realization from the entire team that student health needs drive the program and that a collaborative approach to student-centered care is critical.

The following testimonial from an amazing school nurse in Georgia depicts these vital elements of success perfectly:

The most unusual/unique telehealth visit I have had involved several layers of teamwork. It involved a non-English speaking student, no insurance, and lots of ear drainage.

At the time we were still working out the kinks in our visits. However, this was a great opportunity for multi-disciplinary coordination. This student had been dealing with copious amounts of ear drainage for several days. I knew the issue would be ideal for telehealth. This student also did not have insurance, but I knew a local medical organization who would be a great provider to collaborate with. When I arrived on site to examine the student, I realized that "ear drainage" was putting this student's issue mildly.

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The first hurdle we had to overcome was the language barrier. The child's mother did not speak English, so the nurse at his school got in touch with an interpreter from the school district to assist with translating the appointment. She was able to communicate to mom the issue at hand and interpret the treatment plan moving forward.

We were able to call into our local medical organization and use our [telehealth] equipment to visualize the ear. The doctor was able to see [issue] and prescribe ear drops for pain and medication to heal the ear. The provider also recommended a local pharmacy that was able to offer medications at a discounted rate for people without insurance. Our school interpreter helped mom obtain the medications, and we were able to coordinate care for this student. Mom gave permission for immediate use of the medication at school, and we were able to get the student treatment in a timely manner.

This visit illustrates how telehealth breaks barriers every day. We had a child who did not have access to healthcare, a non-English speaking parent, and a profuse ear infection. Telehealth was able to provide this student with services that he may not have received otherwise.

Anyone who has spent more than five minutes in a school health clinic understands the complexity and significance of student health services. True school-based telehealth champions must be willing to roll up their sleeves and think outside the proverbial box for a program to be successful. Global Partnership for Telehealth has worked for over a decade with schools across the country to create telehealth care models that work. More can be found at

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Written By: Loren Nix, RN, School-Based Telehealth Director, Global Partnership for Telehealth

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