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HERCULES, Calif. - GeorgiaChron -- Adoni Publishing's first-time Author 6-year old Kai Mahalyn Tampol, sketched her book character in early 2020. Kai used her own imagination and creativity to bring her character to life, in her new book entitled, The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line.

Follow the story of Little Letter k, who becomes bored standing in the alphabet line, in the same position and her assigned spot every day for a long time. Without anyone noticing, Little Letter k tries using tricks for fun, which she does quickly without moving from her spot in line.  Bored and tired, Little Letter k uses her imagination, risks exposing an alphabet secret, and bravely leaves the line in search of more fun. Eventually, the other little letters discover that Little Letter k is missing and decide to look for her. More of the letters soon follow. Find out what happens in the story. Here is a hint, because of Little Letter k's imagination and creativity, the alphabet line will never be the same again.

BIO – 6-year old Author Kai Mahalyn Tampol dictated her story idea to her Grandmother, Author Dr. Velma Bagby. With her help, Kai created the Little Letter k character, and kept her original hand-drawn sketches. At the time she completed her writing, Kai was in first grade. She is now 7 years old and an avid reader with a great imagination and multiple talents.  Black and Filipino and proud of her heritage, Kai's book has touches of her Filipino culture, which is reflected in Little Letter k's features and princess outfit.

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Kai is finishing work on her second book which tells what happens when the alphabet letters discover the children missing from school. The letters soon learn that the children's' absence is due to a virus and decide to create a plan to reconnect with them.

Kai lives in the Bay Area. She is the daughter of Kris and Elvie and has two brothers. CJ and Kaleb. She is a joy to have as a granddaughter to her grandparents Norma & Mick and Bruce & Velma.

Her Grandmother, Dr. Velma Bagby is the founder of Adoni Publishing, LLC. The Little Letter k and the Boring Alphabet Line is available online at:, Barnes & Nobel or local book stores or

"Every child has an imagination and lots of creativity inside waiting to come to life. What if every child used their ideas for good?", Dr. Velma

Adoni Publishing, LLC
Dr. Velma Bagby, CEO/Founder

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