ATLANTA, April 16, 2024 ~ Atlanta, GA - After overcoming severe knee arthritis and undergoing a knee replacement, world-ranked doubles tennis player Joe Perdue is back in the game and aiming for even greater success. The Atlanta native, who has been ranked number one in the world with his partner Oren Motevassel for the past few years, was sidelined by knee pain and struggled to maintain his competitive edge. Despite trying various treatments such as cortisone, stem cell, and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections, Perdue was eventually told that a knee replacement was necessary.

However, Perdue's determination to return to the court led him to seek out the expertise of Dr. Richard Berger at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush in Chicago. Dr. Berger is renowned for his minimally invasive hip and knee replacements that result in quick and effective recoveries for his patients.

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Initially hesitant about the procedure, Perdue did his research and discovered Dr. Berger's reputation for successfully restoring athletes' abilities to play competitive sports. With a mechanical engineering degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a track record of over 27,000 surgeries, Dr. Berger's credentials spoke volumes to Perdue.

"After 'interviewing' Dr. Berger," Perdue recalls, "he promised me I would be back on the court in just a few weeks. It sounded almost too good to be true, but I trusted his expertise and decided to move forward with the surgery."

Following a minimally invasive knee replacement, Perdue experienced a remarkably speedy recovery. "Just three and a half weeks after surgery I was back on the court," he shares proudly. "And three weeks after that, we won a national tournament!"

Motevassel adds that Perdue is now "jumping at the net like a gazelle," showcasing his renewed agility on the court.

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With numerous national tournament wins under their belts on various court surfaces including grass, clay, and hard courts, Perdue and Motevassel have set their sights on an even greater achievement - winning a Grand Slam on all four surfaces by 2025.

"I'm playing better than I did four years ago thanks to Dr. Berger," Perdue admits. "I'm optimistic about our future competitions and the prospect of adding four more gold balls to my shelf."

In addition to his exceptional surgical skills, Dr. Berger also offers the BEST (Berger's Elective Surgical + Telemedicine) Experience for his patients. This includes virtual visits, eliminating the need for patients to travel for consultations and saving them time, inconvenience, and expense. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Berger, visit or call 312-432-2557.

Perdue's remarkable recovery and return to top-level tennis is a testament to Dr. Berger's expertise and innovative approach to joint replacement surgery. With his help, Perdue is back on the court and ready to take on new challenges with confidence and determination.
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