ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- Atlanta,GA:  P.U.R.E Records Music, an independent record label out of Austin,Texas joins Atlanta Invasion with Radio Nation Djs  in Atlanta October 8th-10th.

The turn-out for this event was amazing and many industry moguls showed up and showed out. Moguls such as Eric Black(who has a long history with artists and working at the famous Cascade roller skating rink), No Limit  Larry (part of Charlotte's number 1 radio station and discovered artist Dababy), along with other DJs, Pacemakers, media outlets, and independent artists. All of which were looking to exchange knowledge about the ins-and-outs of the industry with the attendees and other independent artists. Founder and Ceo Joseph Easley along with his team stated, "You could never have too much knowledge. Information is key and it's always constantly moving, you could never know too much." Easley continued, " While attending the event I observed that the takeaways for most attendees were: Staying consistent, Gaining knowledge, Make new friends, but keep the old,  build relationships, learn effective networking, by being of service and lastly  going above and beyond because actions speak louder than words.  Yet, of all of these best advice was the importance of establishing a team that is also family."

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With those things in mind P.U.R.E Records over the course of three days accomplished their mission by feeding the homeless, networking, and exchanging business cards. Shawn, one of our team members, even went above and beyond by cutting Brian Dawson and BDahtTV's of Wild N' Out's hair. When asked about the future of whether or not P.U.R.E Records Music would host an event similar Easley agreed immediately.  He's already offering the same knowledge to other independent artists and labels amplifying on how it contributes to the Ethos of P.U.R.E Records Music.(Purpose, Unity, Reality, Ethos)

"It's not enough to be just another label on the rooster or another label who just puts out music. Building relationships, learning, gaining experiences, and paying forward is the business model of  P.U.R.E. Records Music. With the Atlanta Invasion P.U.R.E Records have definitely put themselves on the map within the music industry and definitely a label that you will be hearing more from in the future. If you want to know more information about PURE Records go to Their next invasion is North Carolina November 5th-7th for them to return to another Core DJ retreat. Stay tuned and subscribe to the site to stay informed...

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