ATLANTA, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Business Strategist, Kendra J. Lewis, aka The Boss Architect, is giving entrepreneurs a leg up on creditors with her Credit Architect Program.

The truth is that many entrepreneurs are only aware of what Lewis dubs as the 'sexy' way of building business credit. This is where business credit is primarily in the form of cash loans, lines of credit, and credit cards, and are mostly based on personal creditworthiness; however, according to Lewis, who is also a former business loan officer, "Banks are risk managers and one of the easiest ways to manage risk is to tie a business loan to someone's personal credit." This means that those with a low credit score have little or no chance of accessing the funds they need to launch, grow and scale their businesses without using their personal credit.

But all is not lost. Through her signature Credit Architect Program, Lewis shows entrepreneurs how to build their credit in stages and access credit without using their personal credit. She also shows business owners how to apply Fortune 500 strategy to the funding they obtain in order to grow their businesses. In her 90-day online business credit accelerator, Lewis reveals how to build credit using her WWABBD (What would a Big business do?) methodology. Through this proven framework entrepreneurs learn how to build a holistic funding portfolio in four simple steps:

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1.  Create a credible lending persona to meet lender standards
2.  Build out a robust credit profile with the major business credit bureaus
3.  Obtain vendor, retail, and cash credit at stores such as Amazon, Sam's Club and Costco
4.  Use the credit strategically to re-invest in the activities that grow your business

Lewis has self-tested it to obtain $50,000 in business credit despite personal credit scores in the 400s and to grow her business in record time. Plus, hundreds of her clients have also used the system to create some impressive business credit portfolios with multiple types of funding. One of her clients said: "I've been with Credit Architect for 2 weeks and I've learned more in these few weeks than I've learned in the past 7 years of me starting and building a successful business."

Achieving a solid business credit profile typically takes up to 2 years; however, students of the Credit Architect program can fast track this process in as little as 90 days. The Credit Architect Program is competitively priced and for a limited time only, entrepreneurs can access a 50% discount.

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For further information or to sign up for the Credit Architect program visit:

About Kendra J. Lewis

Kendra J. Lewis is Fortune 500 strategist turned small business growth expert that helps entrepreneurs unlock the strategy and capital they need to launch, grow, and scale their businesses without using their personal credit.

Media contact: Kendra J. Lewis
Phone: 612-564-6201
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE Kendra J. Lewis, The Boss Architect

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