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WOODSTOCK, Ga. - GeorgiaChron -- The Corridor Coffee Club, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at connecting coffee lovers with
independent coffee shops, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its digital coffee
passport program. Designed to benefit both coffee enthusiasts and local coffee shops, this
program promises an exciting blend of perks, and caffeinated adventures.

About the Corridor Coffee Club Digital Coffee Passport:
Free Coffee and More: Passport members gain access to a delightful array of
benefits, including complimentary coffee at participating coffee shops. But that's not
all! Exclusive offers, events, and tailored opportunities await those who join the club.
Supporting Independent Coffee Shops: Recognizing the challenges faced by smaller
coffee establishments, the Corridor Coffee Club collaborates with local coffee shops
to create a win-win situation. These independent gems often lack the advertising
budgets of large chain stores, making it harder for them to attract customers. By

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offering free coffee to passport members, these shops can showcase their unique
offerings and build a loyal customer base.
Founder's Vision: The brainchild of Cherokee County resident and Army Veteran
Gerald Griffith, the Corridor Coffee Club was born out of a desire to celebrate coffee
culture while supporting local businesses. Griffith noticed the growing interest
among coffee drinkers to explore unique experiences beyond the usual chain stores.
His vision? To create a vibrant coffee community where everyone benefits.
Initial Locations: The program kicks off with eight carefully selected coffee shops,
each offering a distinct flavor profile and ambiance. As the program gains
momentum, additional locations will be added, with a goal of featuring 50-60 coffee
shops across the greater Atlanta area in the coming months.
No Cost to Merchants: Participating coffee shops incur no fees to be part of the
program. This commitment to affordability aligns with the Corridor Coffee Club's
mission to level the playing field for independent businesses.
Preferred Status Discounts: Many coffee shops go above and beyond by offering

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preferred status discounts of up to 10% off passport member orders on a daily basis.
It's a win-win for both coffee lovers and local merchants.
Affordable Membership: For just $5 a month (based on an annual membership),
coffee enthusiasts can unlock a world of coffee adventures. Whether you're a
seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual sipper, the Corridor Coffee Club invites you
to join the movement.
Community Partnerships: The program's success wouldn't be possible without the
generous support of key partners. Hatchbridge Incubator (Kennesaw State University),
Fresh Start Cherokee Launchpad (Cherokee Office of Economic Development), and
the Institute for Military Veterans and Families (Syracuse University) have all played
pivotal roles in bringing this initiative to life.

Corridor Coffee Club aims to contribute to the community of coffee lovers while also helping smaller coffee shops gain the visibility.

Gerald Griffith

Source: Corridor Publishing

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