~ In a move that reflects their commitment to innovation in the retail automotive industry, Dealerware has announced a strategic partnership with Axle, an Atlanta-based insurance verification company. This collaboration aims to streamline insurance verification processes for automotive dealerships and rental companies, providing a seamless experience for customers while also cutting costs and ensuring compliance.

The integration of Dealerware and Axle brings numerous benefits to businesses in the automotive sector. One of the key advantages is risk mitigation, as the partnership provides tools to help mitigate potential risks associated with inadequate or invalid customer insurance coverage. This not only protects the business but also ensures that customers are adequately covered.

Another significant benefit is time efficiency. With this integration, dealerships and rental operations can experience a 90% reduction in the time required for insurance verification – from an average of 20 minutes down to under 2 minutes. This significant time savings allows businesses to focus on other important tasks and improves overall operational efficiency.

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In addition to time savings, this collaboration also offers cost savings for businesses. By automating the insurance verification process, companies can significantly cut operational costs associated with manual verification methods.

The integration between Dealerware and Axle is seamless and can easily be integrated into existing workflows. This ensures a smooth implementation process without any disruptions or delays.

Mark Halsell, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dealerware, expressed his excitement about this partnership, stating that it not only simplifies insurance verification but also contributes to operational efficiency and risk reduction. He added that this collaboration reinforces their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for automotive dealers and rental operators.

Axle's co-founder and COO Armaan Sikand also shared his enthusiasm about this partnership, highlighting how it will benefit both businesses and customers alike. He stated that by instantly verifying insurance coverage, customers can save time while at the dealership while service department employees can have peace of mind knowing their vehicles are protected.

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One dealership that has already seen the benefits of this integration is JLR North Atlanta. Eldric Brown, Fixed Operations Director, shared that in the three months prior to using the solution, their service loaner department was exposed to over $20,000 in damages due to customers not having valid or adequate insurance coverage. However, since implementing the Axle integration, they have brought that number down to $0.

Dealerware has been a leader in digital transformation within the automotive sector since its launch in 2016. The company boasts a Net Promoter Score in the 99th percentile for technology companies and continues to grow with new customers and strong partnerships with best-in-class providers such as Tekion, Xtime, CDK Global, PDP Group, Arrowhead, Sedgwick, Reynolds & Reynolds, RedCap, Dealerlogix, myKaarma, Guidepoint, MDL autoMation – and now Axle.

This partnership between Dealerware and Axle is just another example of how Dealerware is constantly striving to provide innovative solutions for the automotive industry. With their commitment to excellence and strong partnerships with industry leaders like Axle, Dealerware is setting the bar high for technology integrations and addressing industry challenges.
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