LightskinKeisha just released her latest project "Clone" and its not just the name of the project it maybe what she actually did!

ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- Flii Boi Breeze is a Brunswick, GA. native from the same hometown of recent protest and movements against racial discrimination due to the death of the late Ahmaud Arbery. Coming out of a city still defined with racial setbacks at an all time high, Flii Boi Breeze looks to inspire others through his music and talents.

Flii Boi Breeze releases his latest single "Get In Dea", an ode to an era of party music and Southern style dance records. "Get In Dea" is where trap and dance come together and make a compelling argument. With high energy and deep bass the record makes it hard to stay in your seat or not bob your head!

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Breeze chose to make music to escape the harsh realities of daily life and when asked what it was like growing up his response was "Coming up you learn 3 things: How To Fight, Shoot, and make Koolaid, and in the midst of those I chose to learn how to entertain as my outlet. With so much going on around you It's hard to stay focused on your craft, but It's easy to get distracted."

LightskinKeisha also drop a song with the exact same title, with similar hooks, and cadences. So the question is did she clone Flii Boi Breeze's "Get In Dea"?

Listen here:

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