ATLANTA, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- FactPipe, an innovator in the field of internet content accuracy, has released a BETA version of its Chrome extension, (available in the Chrome webstore under "FactPipe"), to rate and view the accuracy of news articles, tweets and journalists. The extension allows its users to seamlessly add, rate and comment on internet content for their accuracy and reliability. Once the content is user-rated a Trust Score that is derived via FactPipe's proprietary algorithms is displayed on the extension whenever any user browses that site. The articles and scores as well as the ability to rate and comment are also readily available on

Unlike CEOs, editorial boards or individual 'fact-checkers' who may have confirmation or other inherent biases FactPipe uses collective intelligence as its main input and even the articles that are selected for rating are done so via end-users. Per co-founder Darius Hatami, "Other attempts at accuracy and building trust in news and newsworthy persons have suffered from a small group of people telling us what their truth is. FactPipe flips that equation on its head and relies on both experts and laypersons alike to help establish accuracy. We don't censor based on our beliefs. In a Democracy all people's voices should be heard."

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"Not only can you install our extension, register and start contributing ratings and comments within a matter of minutes, but the website has also been updated for ease of use. Whether an end user wants to use the extension, web or mobile site, viewing and rating the trustworthiness of internet media has never been easier," said Kris Scheppe, Development Team Lead.

In this time of uncertainty knowing who and what to trust is critical, FactPipe provides the tools to do so.

FactPipe is privately funded, not part of a large corporation and not associated with any political party or ideology.

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