ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia (FCAGa) has conducted a comprehensive survey to assess the availability and accessibility of General Price Lists (GPLs) among funeral homes in Atlanta. The findings shed light on the funeral industry's transparency and pricing practices, revealing significant gaps and a concerning resistance to providing crucial information to consumers.

The survey, which expanded to include over 700 funeral home locations listed on the pricing comparison table, found that a mere 7% of funeral homes had GPLs posted on their websites. This alarming statistic underscores the lack of transparency within the industry and hinders consumers' ability to make informed decisions. Out of the 655 funeral home locations contacted, only 4.6% (30 locations) responded with their GPLs via email, indicating a troubling resistance to providing crucial pricing information. The vast majority, 617 funeral homes (94% of locations contacted) ignored the request for a GPL and did not have one available on their websites.

The survey resulted in the addition of 12 new GPLs for FCAGa's online pricing comparison table, contributing to the availability of accurate pricing information for consumers. Furthermore, 19 funeral homes with existing GPLs on responded with updated pricing information, ensuring consumers have access to the most current data. However, it is troubling to note that only 6 funeral homes confirmed the accuracy of the pricing information on, emphasizing the need for consumers to independently verify details.

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FCAGa remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for transparency within the funeral industry and empowering consumers with accurate pricing information. The survey results underscore the urgent need for funeral homes to improve their disclosure and accessibility of GPLs, enabling individuals and families to make informed decisions during times of grief and loss.

About FCAGa:

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc. (FCAGa) was founded in 2017 to serve Georgia residents with trusted information about planning and managing funeral-related services best suited to their individual circumstances. FCAGa is an organization of volunteers relying on donations and grants without any direct or indirect financial ties to the funeral industry.

For more information about Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc., please visit, email or write P.O. Box 842, Scottdale, GA 30079.

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc.

Source: Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia

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