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People are getting lied to that "Bulletproof" means it will stop anything. We can prevent that. Help us protect school children and families from mass shooters.

FRESNO, Calif. - GeorgiaChron -- Atomic Defense has just released an AR-15 and AK-47 bulletproof backpack that has some incredible features. The biggest feature is that it's able to stop 5.56, 7.62, 9mm, 45cal, and countless other types of ammunition.  This is something that hasn't been achieved with lightweight and complete bulletproof protection! Until now!

Many bulletproof companies were doing one thing: Selling armor that wasn't actually bulletproof for what people thought it was.  Atomic Defense changed that with a backpack that stops what mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers are buying it for - Stopping mass shooter's weapons.

Many parents and students have seen the videos of bulletproof companies taking assault rifle looking weapons and shooting their backpack or bulletproof insert.  What those companies aren't showing is that they are often shooting bullets much smaller and slower than those used in actual shootings.  Frankly, it's about time a bulletproof backpack actually worked to save our children from assault weapon ballistics.

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"We educate and tell our customers what bulletproof products are capable of and help them understand what it all means.  This has allowed us to expand rapidly from bulletproof vests and inserts to the best bulletproof backpacks for everyone."  - Gray Spate, Founder of Atomic Defense

From rigorous testing and innovation, Atomic Defense made a lightweight bulletproof backpack insert that can be used in backpacks or bulletproof vests to stop the guns mass shooters are using.

Typically bulletproof backpack companies won't tell customers exactly what they are rated for, unless customers search the fine print.  This creates the issue that many customers of bulletproof backpack companies have backpacks that aren't actually bulletproof against the guns that school shooters and other mass shooters are using - making them useless.  Atomic Defense has changed that.

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The Atomic Defense Bulletproof Backpack is the all-in-one solution to mass shooters:
  1. Machine washable
  2. AR-15 and AK-47 bulletproof
  3. Sniper rifle bulletproof
  4. USB charging and data transfer
  5. Anti-theft shell
  6. Legal for airplanes, schools and other traveling
  7. Up to a quarter of the weight of other "bulletproof backpacks"
  8. Removable bulletproof insert for any use
  9. Buoyant (Floats like a life preserver)

Pricing: Atomic Defense Bulletproof Backpacks are on sale right now - Starting at $149 and they offer financing!

Contact@AtomicDefense.com for other news, information or questions.

James Andrews

Source: Atomic Defense
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