Winning Her Way Set To Revolutionize Women's Sports Unmatched Opportunities

ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- Winning Her Way is dedicated to empowering female athletes by providing a comprehensive platform that supports their growth and visibility. The platform's objective is set to champion the stories and careers of female athletes through innovative content, strategic partnerships, and empowerment initiatives. Many female athletes struggle to secure funding, contracts, and recognition. Historically, professional male athletes often earn significantly more than female athletes. NBA players average $7.7 million compared to $75,181 for WNBA players. Additionally, U.S. male soccer players earn $263,320 versus $99,000 for female players. Dr. Santia aspires to change this by providing the support and visibility female sports talent needs to thrive.

The Winning Her Way platform is an initiative aiming to level the playing field for female athletes and fans by providing:

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-  A Storytelling and News Platform: Like major sports sites, WHW will provide topical news updates on female athletes — focus more on sharing the personal journeys of both well-known and emerging athletes. Giving a behind-the-scenes look through interviews and content, the platform is a safe space for authentic stories that inspire and empower the next generation.

-  An Athlete Success and Wellness Network: A community where female athletes connect, share experiences, and access resources like workshops on brand building, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, media training, and health and wellness programs to support all aspects of their lives.

- The "Winning Her Way" Newsletter: Helping fans stay engaged with daily updates, exclusive content, and tips— giving fans a unique way to learn about and from athletes directly.

- "Become a Writer" Feature: A unique opportunity to amplify the visibility of female athletes and journalists alike globally, providing a stage for diverse voices and stories. This initiative allows international sports journalists to gain U.S. exposure by submitting articles about female athletes from their respective regions of the world.

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"Winning Her Way is more than just a platform—it's a global movement to empower and uplift female athletes worldwide. By providing the tools and visibility they need, we're helping them achieve their fullest potential, both on and off of the field." - Dr. Santia Deck

About Santia Deck

Dr. Santia Deck, a pioneering female football player with nearly 3 million followers, has charted a remarkable path— from a collegiate track and field athlete to being offered the largest contract in women's football history. Raised in Houston and now residing in Atlanta, her journey reflects relentless ambition, culminating in her founding of TRONUS, a history-making footwear brand generating over $1.5 million in revenue launched in 2020. A two-time bestselling author and powerful public speaker, Santia was honored with the "Icon" Award in 2023 and received an honorary doctorate in sports management in 2024. (

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