Dr. Duwon Robinson will appeal the decision because his attorney submitted a notice of conflict with the court.

ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- ATLANTA - Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jessy Hall granted a temporary restraining order by default to airport official Jaimeka Ferrell who failed to prove stalking claims levied against Dr. Duwon Robinson.

"Didn't prove their case and the judge told them that, so for her to go ahead and grant this order, I am shocked and disappointed," Robinson said.

The judge allegedly found that Robinson made Jaimeka Ferrell feel uncomfortable with his words at several City Council and committee meetings even though Ferrell only attended one meeting in person in 2023.

Robinson claimed Judge Lall got it wrong when she granted the six-month temporary restraining order.

"In a personal capacity, she is saying that I can't speak about her disparagingly. If I was to speak about her weight, or something like that, I can't speak derogatory about her as a woman. But anything dealing with her as a deputy general manager, the judge is not barring me from speaking to that," the Atlanta native explained.

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Robinson said he has hired another lawyer and will appeal the decision that said he stalked the airport deputy manager.

"I've never stalked her, never broke in her car. Don't know where she lives. Don't know what car she drives," Robinson insisted. She has put together many accusations to attack my character that were proven to untrue during her testimony.

Robinson said the judge heard from Ferrell for four hours on Feb. 12. Both parties were told to return to court on Feb. 20, but Robinson said his attorney, Alvin Kendall, had a scheduling conflict and filed the necessary documents to advise the court of the conflict.

"Judge Hall Mr. Kendall if she could hear from me.  She never asked me if I had anything to say. The judge just let Jai Ferrell do all the talking and her lawyer did the talking, never let me say anything. A judgment by default, and it's just not fair," Robinson said.

By default, the temporary protective order was issued without hearing Robinson's evidence or testimony.

Rebecca McGlowan, MBA

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