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Leitmotif today announces a major new version of Kaleidoscope, integrating even tighter with git to offer entirely new insights into your coding projects. Customers can save up to 30% of their recurring costs by inviting friends to Kaleidoscope via the new referral program.

MILLSTATT, Austria - GeorgiaChron -- Kaleidoscope 5 now lets you compare branches, tags, or commits of your projects directly from the app. It offers presets to open common comparisons and a simple way to open more complicated comparisons. Combining changesets and the file history in both directions can help you understand code changes like never before. The new Open Changeset in Kaleidoscope service, also used by Kaleidoscope Prism, offers changeset integration to virtually any app on your Mac, including Xcode.

"Git has undoubtedly become the de facto standard in version control" said Christopher Atlan, CEO of Leitmotif. "Integrating Kaleidoscope more deeply with Git enhances the efficiency and precision of managing changes across multiple contributors. This integration is pivotal for streamlined workflows."

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Kaleidoscope 5 is another big leap forward, helping users to dive into the history of their projects, even making investigating source code changes a fun process.

Pricing and Availability
  • Kaleidoscope 5 requires a subscription, priced at US$96 per year for individuals.
  • Our new referral program offers a US$10 per year discount for each referral, applicable for the duration of the referred subscription. You can refer up to three people, allowing for a maximum discount of US$30 per year.
  • Kaleidoscope 5 requires macOS Ventura (13.0) or later.
  • A full demo version is available on the Kaleidoscope website (

What's New in Kaleidoscope 5
  • Git Repositories are a prominent new part of Kaleidoscope.
  • Open common Git comparisons like Working Copy Changes or Recent Changes with a double click.
  • Compare any branches, tags, or commits from within Kaleidoscope.
  • Reopen recently used git comparisons opened from other apps and git command line tools.
  • Open the history of a file from a changeset.
  • Show the entire changeset for a File History commit.
  • Open a changeset for any commit, from virtual any app on your Mac, using either the new Open Changeset in Kaleidoscope service, or by using Kaleidoscope Prism from the menubar.
  • Kaleidoscope Referral Program, offering up to 30% of recurring discounts.

About Leitmotif

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Christopher Atlan founded Letter Opener GmbH in 2006. A longtime enthusiastic user of Kaleidoscope, Christopher acquired the application from Hypergiant in 2020. He brought Florian Albrecht, formerly of Eve/Elgato to the team to revitalize Kaleidoscope. Together, they founded Leitmotif in 2022.


Christopher Atlan

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