#NoRefundNoPeace is the battle cry of victims as they rally to protest at the Legacy Center located at 3015 RN Martin St, East Point, GA 30344 around 11:00am EST on Aug, 20, 2020. Jay Morrison has been accused of fraud by his previous investors.

ATLANTA - GeorgiaChron -- Jay Morrison, a self-proclaimed real estate mogul and actor advocate of black civil rights is now under attack by his founding investors and people once considered his customers.  Mr.Morrison is accused of swindling investors out of their money with acts of fraud by misappropiating funds various other breaches of fiduciary responsibilities.

Ex NFL player and highly respected real estate professional Tony "The Closer" Robinson first shed light on his ill dealings with Jay "Mr.Real Estate" Morrison alleging that Jay swindled him out of $100k cash.  Jay Morrison claimed to have cancelled the transaction due to a conflict of interest pertaining to brand alignment.  Not one to go silently in the night, Tony has since gone public with the allegations against Jay Morrison on a podcast hosted by rap artist Gillie the Kid titled A Million Dollars Worth of Game which has since gone viral.

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Since the airing of the show, hundreds of victims have sent their testimony to the inbox of Tony Robinson seeking justice.  Most complaints are accompanied with transaction receipts for services never rendered or promises of returns on investments that have never been realized.  The National Football League Player Association has issued statement-advising players not to engage in Tulsa Real Estate Fund offers and the Securities and Exchange Commission has since launched an investigation.

Supported by an army of Jay Morrison victims, Tony Robinson has since exposed a 1 million dollar donation by Atlanta rap artist Jeezy "The Snowman" Jenkins as a hoax.  The media stunt was confirmed by ex members of Jay Morrison's internal team and coordinated by Karen Civil then visually promoted by Vlad TV, which had a combined reach of 508 million viewers. The media stunt promoted Jay Morrison as a brand which gave audience to his operation.

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In response to the protest, Jay Morrison filed a temporary restraining order against Tony Robinson to prevent the protest but that motion was denied by the courts.  At the request of the victims, Tony Robinson has organized a protest bannered "No Refund No Peace" set to take place at 3015 RN Martin St, East Point, GA 30344 on August 20, 2020 at 11:00am EST.  The objective of the protest is to get a full refund for the founding members of the Tulsa Real Estate Fund, as it's been 2 years of no return and diminishing principal.

Tony "The Closer" Robinson will be giving back $50,000 to the victims. http://www.jaymorrisonvictims.com/ (http://www.jaymorrisonvictims.com/atlanta41590866)

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