Can the whispers of the dead lead to the truth? In the YA novel, "Mystery of the Eyewitness Ghost" Nick Caden, a seasoned solver of supernatural mysteries, confronts a terrifying reality – a ghost who accuses his neighbor of murder.

SAVANNAH, Ga. - GeorgiaChron -- A former Boy Scout, Nick doesn't believe in the supernatural. But when a visit to the graveyard with his neighbor turns chilling — a ghostly figure accuses her of murder and then she vanishes — Nick needs answers. Forced to team up with Jaz, the niece of a seasoned law officer, they receive help from a mysterious Gullah woman rumored to commune with the dead. Desperate to crack the case before time runs out Nick, agrees to a plan that involves confronting the killer through… the underworld. But not everything in this case is as it seems.

Mystery of the Eyewitness Ghost is a thrilling who-done-it-and-why that blends the chills of the supernatural with the logic of detective fiction. It's perfect for young adults who enjoy a good mystery with a touch of the unknown, particularly Christian boys and girls who enjoy scouting. Fans of Trail Life USA will find unraveling this mystery much like building the perfect fort: start with the end and work backward to make sure each part fits.

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Solving this YA mystery can feel like reverse engineering the elaborate fort dreamed up by a "Fortress Fanatic." Just like those meticulous fort builders, Nick and Jaz must:
  • Deconstruct the Unexplained: The seemingly random events surrounding the ghost's accusation and Keisha's disappearance become the building blocks of a complex puzzle. Nick and Jaz must dismantle this mystery, separating each clue to understand its role in the bigger picture.
  • Unveil the Blueprint: Every good mystery has an underlying truth, a hidden order that explains the events. Just as a well-designed fort has a purpose behind each feature, the ghost's message and the strange occurrences must be examined to reveal the secret plan at the heart of the case.
  • Expose Weak Points: The best mysteries, like the sturdiest forts, have layers of intrigue. Nick and Jaz need to find the inconsistencies, the alibis that crumble under scrutiny, to expose the culprit's vulnerabilities and expose the truth.
Reader reviews call Eyewitness Ghost:
  • A unique twist on the classic ghost story – the ghost is the only witness to a crime!
  • A compelling mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end.
  • A well-developed cast of characters, including a skeptical yet determined protagonist and a gifted classmate with an uncanny ability.
  • Explores themes of friendship, trust, and the power of facing your fears.
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