ATLANTA, May 22, 2024 ~ Stuttgart, Germany - On July 21, 2024, the highly anticipated TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition will open its doors at Urbanharbour Ludwigsburg. Produced by E/M Group and RMS Titanic, Inc., this exhibition has already seen great success with sold-out shows in the United States, Europe, and Oceania.

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for guests to experience the legendary ship and connect with its stories in a deeply personal way. Hundreds of authentic artifacts that were respectfully recovered from the wreckage will be on display, narrating the story of modern technology in 1912 and sharing the hopes and dreams of Titanic's passengers and crew.

One of the highlights of the exhibition will be intricately detailed room re-creations that will transport guests back in time to experience the opulence and grandeur of life on board the Titanic. The venue itself, Urbanharbour Ludwigsburg, adds to the immersive experience with its industrial character and modern architecture. Located in the heart of Ludwigsburg city center, it is easily accessible for visitors.

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CEO of E/M Group and President of RMS Titanic, Inc., Jessica Sanders shared her personal connection to the Titanic story. "My journey with Titanic began through history and pop culture. I knew of the story but didn't know the real story," she said. "The real journey began when I joined the company over 15 years ago and through the artifacts began learning more about the real stories of that fateful night, the human stories."

Sanders also emphasized how important it is to preserve these artifacts as a significant moment in history. "The Company has gone to great lengths to preserve these artifacts and this important moment in history," she said proudly. "We are excited to present them to our guests in Germany and eager to witness what they learn about Titanic and themselves."

For those interested in attending TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition in Stuttgart, tickets can be purchased at For more information and updates on future venue openings, visit

Media requests can be directed to Wendy Perez at [insert contact information]. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the gripping story of the Titanic and connect with its history in a whole new way.
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